45+ Websites That Will Pay You To Write

ANNOUNCEMENT II:  Based on your feedback, I will not be ending my blog in 2016!  The blog will move to a standard WordPress page (of the same name) and as we get closer to the transition I will keep everyone posted of the changes.  The biggest change you’ll see in 2016 is a reduction in posts;  I will only post once a month.  I want to sincerely thank you all so much for reading and your valuable feedback and kind comments!

OK, having said that, let’s get started! ☺

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. It’s about making money and getting published (as are my usual themes), but I have a nice link-out that has everything listed for you.

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As many of you might already know, I’m a huge proponent of the author resume (aka Author Bio). Building a relevant list of published material is so important, especially when you start marketing your work to agents…even more important if you haven’t actually published anything in mainstream yet.

Having a solid resume of publications under your belt will immeasurably spiff up your author bio.

Serious writers will make every effort to get their name out there and their work read by others. Even if it means writing articles and freebie posts. But those articles and posts aren’t just bumpkis. You’re writing…the number one rule of every professional author I’ve ever read (including all of the heavy hitters) is KEEP WRITING EVERY DAY! So even if you aren’t preening your current YA novel or penning the slaughter scene of your Horror debut, you are writing.

I think a moment of honesty is called for – – while we all love writing, who doesn’t want to also get paid for writing? It’s payment for passion. I think any (in fact most – if not all) creative writers will agree that a paid submission is the icing on the cake.

Money out of pc pic

So my blog post title states 45+ Websites That Will Pay You To Write.

Keeping to my integrity as a blogger, I’ve included a direct link so you can get your hands on the paid goodies. I just want to give you, my fellow writers, a few words of good advice – GO FOR IT!
This is your opportunity to get published and paid.

45+ Websites That Will Pay You To Write

PS – BONUS! The 2015 list includes 110 Paid listings!


Enjoy and happy writing!

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